Well, the bed bath and light trim does not appear to have done  the treasure any harm. It looks less ‘wilty’, if a little less compact.

The blighters had not been eradicated entirely, so my colleague and myself administered a lunchtime wash down – this time armed with sprayer. A lot easier, and a lot less leaf loss.

On a different treasure theme, I continue to be struck by the complete lack of understanding of basic right and wrong by one of my colleagues, who I’ll just call EE.

EE is young, attractive and wants things. If she were a bird, no surprises, she’d be a magpie.

EE doesn’t generally care how she gets things unless she believes she will be caught and punished. I don’t think that discovery of her wrong doing is enough. It is clear that she has got away with it before now by a flash of her smile and flick of her hair. To the best of my knowledge she’s never stolen anything, and, I’m sorry that I think this, but I do not believe that little light shoplifting is on her list of what is not acceptable.

EE is witty and sometimes intelligent, but seems to have no awareness of consequences, particularly where her own actions are concerned. Either the end justifies the means, or the desire for instant gratification blocks out any contemplation of what might happen, who might get hurt, what people will think.

I used to believe that she was essentially a good person. I on the whole I cling to that belief for as long as possible as I hear about who she’s in trouble with now. Recently the ability to recognise unacceptable appears to be lacking.

Maybe I should give a little leeway. She is still young, but she’s old enough to have responsibilities – a car, house, job. Thankfully no pet. I ache when I think what will happen on that front one day. I’ll probably report her to the RSPCA.

She’s probably never torched a furniture store but I can see parallels with recent events in the UK. The thought processes are similar, the means and ends differ.

On the other hand, I get the distinct impression that she’s also been given free rein or given in to. Or should I say “free reign”? EE is definitely princess material. She wants it, and she wants it now.

Ironically, the little princess appears less and less regal with each new fall from grace.



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