Weird Dream

At 4.10 this morning, I woke up concerned. Which hasn’t happened for a while.

My waking dream yesterday morning involved hearing the latest Nickelback song. What was the first thing I heard on the radio? Correct. Now that could be a small coincidence because it is getting a lot of airplay.

This morning my waking dream concerned a call from my mother on her mobile ‘phone. She had just been to see a musical in Manchester and was calling to ask me an important question about a saint ‘in ecstasy’. I said that I thought I knew the one and had an image in my mind of a person stretching  / reaching towards the sky. A bit like the figures around the Football world cup. Connecting with this, she asked me one more question, which me being me (even in my dream), I interrupted her before she finished.

Her question was “Pele or So…”.
“Pele!” I interrupted.

The dream ended and I awoke concerned that my mother, a woman of some faith, has made her final trip towards the sky.  As consciousness took over, I realised that this was unlikely to have been revealed to me in a dream and got on with worrying about my workload and whether the cat would take his heart tablet without fuss.

Then I see on the news that the Brazilian football legend Socrates is critically ill in hospital.

The image they show of him is a jubilant young man, celebrating a goal or victory with arms outstretched towards the sky.



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