EE : Oh-Oh

EE called in sick yesterday. No great surprise as she’s not been too well for a while.

And we all know why.

When she, in her usual unaware of what people might think way, told the boss and yours truly of her condition, she immediately followed this up with

don’t worry, I’m not keeping it


Trying not to judge is my pre New Year’s resolution. But I am beginning to wonder whether not expressing my views becomes an excuse for not upholding a good moral stance. Is there a happy medium where one can make clear that EE’s approach to life shows little concern for those around and, currently inside her, that she does not have to map her life out like a soap opera. Yet still remain caring and supportive.

Perhaps there is. And perhaps in the coming weeks, months and years I will be granted the patience of Job and the good grace to strike this medium.

In the meantime, bite tongue and count to ten.




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