Project 365

Like many bloggers, I’ve received the annual challenge.

Blog once a day, every day on a given subject.  A tall order. Particularly for a less dedicated student such as myself.

What to choose? Music seems an obvious candidate. Perhaps faith. Or that greyest of subjects, the economy. I think I’ll leave that to Robert Peston, bless him (and his OVER      DELIBERATE    DELIVERY). Leave him alone Min6, he’s only doing his job.

So. Choices, choices. I think that the key here will not be to come up with something awe-inspiring. I don’t need to change the world, or even one person’s world, every day. It is about the everyday.

My choice of subjects is…. change. Which gives me the right to change the subject every day. Ha ha. Rules are for bending. But being a rules driven individual, I’ll at least try to link each entry.

And so to bed (thank you Shakespeare). It’s late, and I need my blogging head on tomorrow.

 Night night.



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