Wet and windy

It’s just beginning to get light here…

here is North West Wales. We are taking a short break not to far from home base, arriving yesterday.

Yesterday’s journey was fun, but it’s taken me a little longer to wind down. Probably because this is our first break away for over 18 months, and recent annual leave has been utilised more than enjoyed as study time.

But the hunched shoulders are starting to relax and the opportunity of a walk on the beach is pulling me out of the daily grind-mind-set.

When I say the beach, I mean choice of the many fine beaches only a short drive from the cottage – sounding like a holiday brochure there, but it’s true; this area has several just a stones skim away.

Yesterday we visited Dinas Dinlle (apologies to Welsh speakers if misspelt). Previously known only to me as a venue for ‘pleasure’ flights in rickety old planes. The other half was completed blown away (we both nearly were) by my open-eyed wonder at what to him has always been just the end of the runway. A mixture of salty air, pebbles, sand, waves and being able to see for miles towards Anglesey and beyond signified the proper start of our holiday.

This is my first blog entry away from home base, using an unfamiliar set up, but I’ll try to load a picture onto this one.

…… and breathe …..



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