April 6th 2013, On our way, aren’t we?

Ah yes. A week away with the much beloved. Shortly after a significant birthday (him, not me).

The journey was delayed briefly by the car not starting. Poo we said (and worse). Never mind, the AA arrived within 30 mins and shortly afterwards we were on our way.

I had been elected as diver for stint one, with Si taking over at a spot of my choosing which was supposed to contain a geocache. It didn’t but Si cheered me up by attempting to leave via a dead end (I stopped him in time).

Upon swapping I could, between navigational instructions, partake of one of my favourite pastimes, finding interesting or amusing placenames near to where we happen to be..

Technology can be a wonderful thing but a sat-nav does not easily enable one to enjoy virtual diversions from the prescribed route.

And so, one of the themes for the week has presented itself. Placenames of interest or amusement, or better still both.

Not far from where we swapped over, we were gifted:
Oughtibridge. We are not entirely sure why this brought about a fit of the giggles. It might have been something to do with oxygen starvation on the Woodhead Pass. It is more likely that it is only a letter away from sounding like nowty-bridge, if we have the correct pronunciation.
Dungworth. No prizes for guessing why that made it onto the list.
Wigtwizzle. My favourite of the three.

We elected to omit that well known town, which I am reliably informed by a former inhabitant is pronounced PEN-IS-TONE. Ahem.

Not long after such fun we were presented with more roundabouts than you could shake wigtwizzle stick at and the game was temporarily suspended. However we had to bend the rules slightly to allow a road name in:


I kid you not. It is on the A638 not far from Retford. Excellent.


I am a great admirer of clouds. They fascinate me. I am hoping that the week away will present some absolute crackers in an area where there is plenty of all round sky watching available.

Saturday 6th April was a very pleasant day and we were blessed with countless cumulus humilis en route to the cottage we are renting. Even the man made plumes of Gainsborough power station didn’t spoil the view (if you had your back to them and could not see the station near Helmswell either!).

And so to rest a while in Lincolnshire. Home of the poacher who will visit our table later this evening.



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