April 7th 2013. Majesty and Wonder

This morning started early. Which surprised both of us. By 8am we were heading towards Lincoln.

We both wanted to visit the cathedral. Whilst Sunday might not have been the most obvious day to visit, there are services daily and we hoped to be able to peruse peripheral architecture before completing our tour between communions.

Arrival in the city did not start well, as we observed “Events Management Companies” erecting crowd control barriers and bright banners announcing the Lincoln 10k Charity Run. Much beloved was starting to mumble and grumble about turning around.

Undeterred I persuaded him to continue to the castle, where we found a good parking spot for a price which was also good (if you happen to be the chief accountant for Lincoln City Council).

We donned our boots for a brisk walk and I led sulky child towards the Cathedral quarter. Historical information boards would not cheer him, so I decided to ask a man wearing “the high-vis jacket which symbolises wisdom and authority whether we were in danger of becoming trapped in the city by the “fun run” (he didn’t seem to appreciate this tag for the gruelling ordeal ahead of a major city event). He was however, very helpful and armed with a small amount of his wisdom knew our timetable and, more importantly, our exit strategy.

When we made our way through the nearby gate house an exit strategy was the last thing our minds. We were stopped in our tracks by the majestic west end of Lincoln Cathedral. We have seen the building on numerous occasions from several miles away and had commented on how it would have appeared to workers in the fields centuries ago. Si calls it “shock and awe”.

When we entered the Cathedral, it was not what I would call shock, but we were most definitely in awe. In fact we were dumbstruck, reduced to gasps of wonder at the sheer size of the knave and unnerved by what I can only call the sheer spirituality of the space. It is very difficult to put into words. It was a moment that I will never forget.

Regrettably our enforced timetable and the restrictions of Sunday worship would not allow a full appreciation of this landmark and a return visit is planned for early on Wednesday.

The rest of the day was enjoyable, but somehow insignificant by comparison.

The clouds were mainly Altocumulus Stratiformis. At least they tried to be, they never quite covered large areas of sky.

The placename award goes to

    Carlton Scroop

Si decided that Scroop would be a Dickensian character. I plumped for the occupation of Tax Collector.




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