Apr 8th 2013, Donna, Amy and Connie

After a late start (we only woke at 6am today), we headed out towards Sainsbury’s to top up on essentials and luxuries.

First stop was one of our old favourites, the Belmont Mast. This is situated near to Donnington on Bain. Unlike many radio masts which are on hills and generally viewed from some distance, the Belmont Mast is in a field next to the road. And it is massive. It used to be the tallest mast in Europe until the top hundred feet or so were removed. The information board states that it is 750ft high, but it was added to and was over 1000ft before the haircut. I can’t remember the exact the stats. Si would be able to tell me, but he is asleep.

As casual geocachers, we decided to bag a couple en route to our lunch stop.

The first was in a field hedgerow, where we left a rather fussy trackable which was only supposed visit caches with the word travel in the title. Without full internet connectivity to research possible hides, we gave up and passed the burden onto the next unsuspecting cacher. It was a good cache spot, but not easy to park up at, so we moved on.

The next was in a favourite lay-by near Burgh-On-Bain. I had already researched this and let Si do the searching. We logged and moved on to our lunchtime date with Donna Nook.

Donna is a place by the way. A bleak windy spot on the east coast. We had planned a walk but it was bleaker and windier than our previous visit in February 2008 so, after a brief temperature tester, we gave up. Still, lunch was pleasant and the people watching amusing.

Then onto see Amy.

Amy is a small village boasting a wildfowl collection at a retired watermill. Two of our favourite pastimes. We were chased by a belligerent chicken and treated to a fine display by a peacock. We also discovered that not all otters are scared of Si. Which pleased him.

Amy was also cold. Bone chillingly cold, but we persevered around the sanctuary and took some pictures which I will probably add to this at a later date.

Our final stop was chez Connie. RAF Conningsby to give her official title.

Si is a military aircraft enthusiast, inherited from his father (how else?), who completed his national service in the RAF.

We descended upon the equivalent of fraggle rock and waited for action. We didn’t have to wait long. Plenty of ‘phoon action and even the Battle of Britain DC3 put in an appearance much to the excitement of all the spotters in the enclosure. Again I hope to be able to post photos soon.

Then back to base to reflect on a day of wings galore.

Placename: Mavis Enderby (ooh Rita, I don’t really know…..)



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