The Panda Cow And The Fridge Shelf

Well, after perfect navigation (moi) and near perfect driving (him) including braving the scary single track road!!!!, we have arrived at our base for the week.

We are close to the Welsh village of Tregaron. We know little more about it at this point, because we a too scared to go back down the scary single track road. Maybe tomorrow. Or when the food runs out.

The ‘cottage’ is well appointed, and has lovely surroundings. The adjacent fields boast lambs and a mixed herd of young male cattle. Including one with panda like eyes, who I shall not call Bernard. He is not my favourite bullock and I shall not be talking to him.

We have been entertaining ourselves by reading some of the entries in the visitor book. This evening’s gem comes courtesy of the Esbachs and Bennett of Marple and Todmorden (by the way, there was an unnecessary apostrophe, but we have removed it to protect their identity). Their observations included

“the broken fridge door tray was frustrating”.

It has taken us quite a while to find said tray. In fact we believe it to be a shelf. Charmingly repaired it is. Frustrating it is not.

Frustrating is the lack of concern for spelling and correct grammar. The non-words “wonderfull” and “definately” make frequent appearances.

Never mind, we are glad not to live next to either the Esbachs or Mr/Mrs/Ms Bennett. They probably would not like us either.

It’s the black fly in your Picpoul de Pinet
(not A Morrisette)




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