Brief Return

It is the “bit in between”, where the bookends are Christmas and New Year. It is one of my favourite times of the year. Quiet and unassuming, and I can identify with that.

The time when I often consider clearing the clutter, be it unwanted CDs, poor photos on my phone/hard-drive/cloud storage or removing apps so that I can install the latest IOS update on the iPad.

I believe it is sometimes known as seiri (S number 1 in the 5S Methodology). The problem is that my 5S approach is often interrupted by 1D, or distraction. So, part way through the virtual clear-out (which let’s face it, is easier than a physical de-cluttering), I have created a cartoon avatar and returned to here.

Which I have briefly enjoyed, but must now leave to free up at least one more kilo-byte,



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