On The Island, Day 1. The Power of Broccoli.

On the island. It sounds exotic and remote, cut off from life’s little luxuries and ever-present techno-babble.

Ironic to be using WordPress then, isn’t it? Perhaps not as there is no wifi (“No wifi?), so any uploads will have to be facilitated by parking in the nearest McDonald’s.

Or I may end up posting each day’s rambles a week later after we return (I did).

Not so remote then? Well, as I step outside, all I can hear is birdsong, the wind in the trees and the exchange of calls between nearby cattle.

No luxuries? Actually, our lodgings are spacious, clean and, with the exception mentioned above, very well equipped. Too well equipped in one area, in my opinion.

I am referring to what has become known as the “broccoli-activated” lights in the kitchen and dining room. These are motion and light sensitive, so turn themselves on when it is dark enough and you enter the room. Excellent idea? Nope. At twilight, we had to fool them into thinking it was darker, by partially blocking out the light from the sensor and at the same time presenting it with motion. I chose to wave a small handful of tender stem broccoli. Seemed to do the trick.

Some people may like automatic lights as they no longer need to worry about switching them off when they leave a room possibly saving energy and therefore doing their bit to save the planet. I don’t like the abdication of responsibility. Call me a Luddite, but is it really that much effort to reach for the switch? Like so many gadgets, we are discouraged from thinking about our actions, planning our schedule, cleaning up after ourselves.

And besides, we’ve eaten the broccoli now. How will we drag ourselves from the darkness tomorrow?



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