On The Island, Day 4. Change of Plan.

Day four started well with a promise of a walk to a vantage point near LLygwy Bay.

No navigational errors, only a minor amount of PLRs (P*ssy Little Roads), plenty of parking and a pleasant breeze.

All was well until we reached the bridge, then after I had taken a photo (not another one). I turned to ask Si what he could see. No response, just a slow slump which I am sure I will replay in mind for a long time to come.

He landed sat upright, and asked in a slightly strangled voice what was happening to him. I just told him he was alright, got him sat down and thank God that we had remembered the water this time. He was lucid, had no apparent tingling, no shortness of breath or chest pains. His speech (when he had come to) was clear and he was able to move.

We returned to our cottage and took it easy for the rest of the day. Later on a trip to RAF Valley to watch the Hawks – which thankfully put on a better show than on Monday afternoon – provided a well timed distraction. We enjoyed a bit of people and tie watching – I’m sure that a late 80s Next design was on show in the adjacent car.

It was only a brief faint, hopefully, which we have put down to dehydration. For now at least.

But it has temporarily changed the dynamics. I am chief driver, and Si gets the opportunity to take in the view (when he is not worrying about what happened, or my driving). The planned coastal path walks are on hold and what we do on return to home will still have to be discussed.

And in my mind, I argue with myself about giving in to fear, ignoring it, or facing it and taking control of your future.



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