Dear Sweet Impossible You



Dear Dream Reader, my sweet impossible you.


You cannot exist. Or can you?


You are the person in the office who knows that this blog is mine, but you don’t mention that to me because you know that I would prefer that it remains anonymous. You never change your manner towards me if I write about a contentious matter or if I launch an blog-attack on a workmate.


You are the person in the café that I do not have time to visit on my way to work. You blog too, and we pass each other knowing smiles as we huddle over our notebooks and cappuccino.


You have walked along the same beach as the one in “day 6 on the island” You already knew that the arrangement of pebbles was called a berm.


You have the same sense of humour as me and you laugh at my references to cows and broccoli.


You sometimes reply to my posts, and frequently like them.


I read your blog and I am in awe of your inner strength.


You don’t mind that I am not given to writing long posts. You too appreciate that sometimes there isn’t much so say. Sometimes a picture will do. And if I haven’t written for several weeks, you are still out there, waiting.


You are my father. Long gone but never forgotten. Stolen from this world before the technology that you loved so much really became interesting. How you would have loved the gadgets available to us now. How much fun we could have had together.


Stay with me …


… until the next time we meet.




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