Sing, Sing, Sing Rewritten. Part One 

After posting my reponse to today’s writing101 prompt, I wasn’t happy. So I am having another go. In pieces because it’s late. Apologies for the lack of formatting, I am using the iPad app, which I am not used to.

I am nineteen. Having moved into a bedsit, I feel so mature and in control. I am so young and have so little control. I check that I have my keys, close the bedsit door behind me, plug in my Walkman earphones and press play.

Telegraph Road starts with a quiet held note. A high D which sits somewhere at the back of my head. The volume and instrumentation builds and I am pulled along the deserted streets of my seaside hometown towards the station. 

The song tells the tale of the birth, growth and demise of a working town based around the eponymous road. As the music soars to the height of industrial power, my steps quicken.

Then the tempo slows, and I stand at the head of the main town thoroughfare and ponder the parallels between these roads. My hometown had a glorious Victorian heyday but looks tired in the darkness before dawn. The discount stores seemed to increase at the same pace as the rust on the wrought iron verandas that skirt one side of the street.

The song is approaching its climax now. A jam around a classic rock chord sequence. I too am nearing my destination. The walk and song match each other in length. A happy coincidence which allows me to use a combination of lyrics and landmarks to pace myself. 

I will listen to something different on the return walk this evening, but tomorrow will start with that single high D.



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