Hello out there. Thanks for popping by.

Pull up a chair and I’ll tell you a bit about me. Actually, this won’t take long, so feel free to stand.

My blogging name is Min6, short for Minor 6th . My real name doesn’t matter. It means nothing. Nor does my age or my background. But here are some things about what makes me sing or cry, and which might feature on the blog.

About the Name
Music is important to me, and the minor 6th can be a chord or interval. It is bittersweet. Bitter because of the minor element. Sad songs are usually written in a minor key, unless the composer is really trying to fool you or themselves.

The 6th lifts it and pulls it towards the major.

Most importantly, if you turn a minor 6th interval upside down, you get a major third. This is the basis of a commonly used harmony and, in general, happier in nature.

I’m happier in nature too – in the garden, on a local footpath – but I don’t have to be inverted for this! I also like plays on words, which may be apparent in some of my post titles.


Out in a field, close to Geocache GC404YX “Stone The Crows”

In conventional terms I am in my late forties, married and with a good job which I enjoy. I have a cat (no children). I like the usual things:

  • music (fairly eclectic tastes, recently listening to Sibelius, Foo Fighters, Bjork, Brian Eno and 80s pop);
  • food (a lot of fish at the moment);
  • gardening (or so  tell myself, but the garden is currently a state, and I don’t mean Kansas);
  •  geocaching (especially in spring and autumn);
  • clouds;
  • windmills;
  • reading;
  • wine (enough said).

Waltham Windmill backed by what was a rather attractive sky.

Why The Blog?
I guess primarily to express myself in a manner that someone, anyone, might enjoy or at least relate to. It’s definitely a form of therapy, and I expect that I will be ranting a few times.

But there will be joy and photos and silly stuff too. My life’s semi-rich tapestry hung up for all to see. And I don’t have to face you in the office tomorrow and explain my bad behaviour. Which is probably best all round.

Thanks again for reading.


I love the little nuggets that keep life sweet

rain on a spider’s web,

freshly picked vegetables,

an unexpected  kind word

The apathy, ignorance and greed I encounter every day makes me bitter 

dropping litter

not saying “thank you”



4 thoughts on “Bittersweet

  1. I love it. It gives a good sense of your personality as well as what to expect in the blog. I am glad you do not have to be inverter to be happy! Though it would make for some interesting life decisions….;)

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