Endless Impossibilities…

The most recent post from the blogging101 course has probably been the most inspirational one for me. I have enjoyed the various exercises, but I felt that my blog was lacking direction. I knew that I had things to say but I wasn’t sure exactly what and why. What would I write? And why would people continue to follow and read?

The idea of building in a regular feature, filled me with dread. How could I keep that up? What common theme? But the suggestion of looking at what had brought the most positive responses gave me a “eureka” moment.


I was so excited in the car hat I started talking to myself, and selling myself the idea.


This might only be based upon limited feedback (I don’t have many followers), but it created that spark which had eluded me for the past week or so. The inspiration came from an earlier post : Dear Sweet Impossible You.

My theme is “Impossible Conversations” (this is a working title and may change). The basis is a series of conversations that have not taken place and, for various reasons, just cannot. They might be:

  • A discussion with a person who I only met briefly, but who I found inspiring and/or interesting in some manner;
  • A conversation with an inanimate object;
  • A tribute and response to and from someone who has touched my life without our paths ever crossing;
  • How I imagine a chat with an animal would be if we could have such an exchange;
  • What I might learn from a tree or building who had seen their surroundings change.
  • A meeting with someone special who has left my life.

There are endless possibilities, and I find the idea of blending a real encounter or experience with fiction to create an impossible exchange that could have been.

I’ve started work on that first conversation…


More later,



Post Haste

I do apologise, but I’m not going to have much access today for the blogging101 assignment, so I opted for a photo post format.


(can you spot the geocache?)

And here’s another photo of a post.


Sorry – couldn’t help myself!


ps On another day I will tell their stories….

Pleased to meet you neighbour, part 2

Musings on a Comment

Sorry neighbour, but this one is about me, me, me.

In the final assignment from last week’s blogging101 course, we have been encouraged to blog further on a particular comment left as part of a previous exercise. In that exercise, we chose four+ blogs which we had not previously visited and left a comment.

One of my comments was at Words Like Honey  on a post Sweaters in Waiting

Such evocative photos of yarn. I have never mastered any form of knitting, but your call to action has me reaching for the sewing box….

And that summed me up. Or at least where I am at the moment, recently.

I hear a call to action…

and I reach…

I might even grasp…

And start to…

… but rarely complete.

When it happens, I might beat myself up (not literally) about yet another unfinished project – sometimes not even started.

The road to hell is paved with good intentions.

And then I mulled over whether this is a recent trait or something more ingrained in my character. And why might this be. The above proverb has been interpreted in a number of ways, but I think that you can see how I’m reading it.

This blog might seem a little self centred when it started with a reference to another blogger, but this is where my train of thought took me, and given that I at least want to complete this post, I’m sticking with it.

So, back to non-completion. Why? It could be any one of the following:

  • Lack of real intention
  • Procrastination
  • Too many commitments
  • Lack of skills or resources to complete the task
  • Laziness
  • Fear

I don’t think that I suffer from a lack of real intention. Previously I was  occasionally be guilty of the false acceptance of an invitation that I didn’t really want. I’ve just about given this up and learnt to say “No”.

Procrastination. I hope you don’t mind if we come back to that later. No really.

I do sometimes lack the skills or resources to progress sometimes. And I’m too bloody independent for my own good. I just do not like asking for help. That’s a whole topic in itself. But this blogging101 project has made me have to ask questions. Small steps, small steps.

Very few people would call me lazy, but I do feel that I don’t quite reach my full potential. Is that a form of laziness? Perhaps.

Which brings me round to…

Ah yes, fear, my old friend.  Fear has “guided” me on many occasions. The reunion invite I accepted, but I was too scared to attend because I worried that I wouldn’t live up to the achievements of others. The geocaching social gatherings that I am too scared to attend alone. The walk up the hill that I didn’t undertake in case it started raining. The unanswered question in the staff briefing because I thought everyone else would know and I would look like an idiot, or worse still an idiot who had not paid attention earlier.

And yet, I’ve stood up, played and sung my own words in front of that most critical audience, my peers. I’ve asked the question that everyone else wanted to hear the answer to, but were too afraid to ask themselves. I do talk to strangers, actually that’s a cheat because quite often you won’t see them again so you won’t have to know what they think of you. And at the last reunion invitation which I accepted, people found me and my life interesting (I was quite surprised!).

And yet, I’m always scared to be judged. Even if it means approval.

And of course, fear drives procrastination, if procrastination can be driven!

So what now? Is it all about fear? Fear of being judged? Fear of failure? Fear of what others will think?

A fellow blogger has written a post,  “four kinds of people on earth” , where he suggests that the most common type of person is the coward. Well at least I’m not alone!

Yours, going back behind the sofa for a while,


Pleased to meet you neighbour, part 1

One of the best things about taking on the blogging 101 assignments has been discovering just a few of the fantastic blogs out there.

Not surprisingly there are a myriad of topics to scan for and many different takes on some similar subjects. Having already made some new contacts in an earlier assignment and just by being here, how was I going to tackle the latest assignment. For those aware of the blogging101 diary, I am still (at least) one day behind, and the widgets and formatting will have to wait until the weekend.

So, back to the problem of choosing. My job has to follow certain rules and regulations and is driven by numbers. Whilst analysis of results allows for some interpretation and imagination, it is generally about how things are. Out of work, I like a bit more random. So I went for two blogs chosen by some logic, and two (almost) totally random.

Based on what people following you follow: Words Like Honey 

Wonderful photos and some good advice. As I don’t have many followers, you may have already been here. If so, thank you for the recommendation. If not, why not take a look.

Based on the first thing I saw when I looked up from the reader:  Calico Moon 

Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful. Check out the music too.

I didn’t really see a multi-coloured moon. Our cat is a calico shorthair.

Based on what people with similar interests follow: So many books

If you love books and reading, head here. There are thoughtful posts and links to many book related blogs.

If you want to see a funny and apt banner photo, take a quick look. It made me smile. God I know that feeling!!

Based on a fairly random typing in of former holiday location (Lugano): Stai Al Borgo

Again, great photo content, and I could almost smell the Panini featured in one of the posts. Colourful and I am now regretting not cooking a Tuscan stew for dinner tonight.

I hope that you have the time to look and enjoy as I have,


Now go to the back of the class

Well it’s been a large week so far at work. Getting to my wordpress assignments without damaging my eyesight and health (screen use and lack of sleep) was always going to be a challenge.

So I gave myself permission to be a little late with my homework. After all, whoever is out there is not sat just behind me, unlike my boss. Let me get one thing straight though, he’s a decent man and very supportive.

Updating the “about me” page was quite daunting (to use my mother-in-law’s favourite word). Surely I am my own Mastermind specialist subject? But how to describe me? Hmmm.

The page did need updating and I make no apologies for using some of the words already posted when introducing myself. I haven’t changed that much since last Monday! One things I have spotted that changes is the way I sign off. Sometimes MinG, sometimes min6, or Min6.

I reserve the right to sign off whichever way. Oh yes, I also changed my tag-line, again.

I remain consistently inconsistent.

Anyway, tis done. For now. Please take a look and enjoy (I hope)


Dear Sweet Impossible You



Dear Dream Reader, my sweet impossible you.


You cannot exist. Or can you?


You are the person in the office who knows that this blog is mine, but you don’t mention that to me because you know that I would prefer that it remains anonymous. You never change your manner towards me if I write about a contentious matter or if I launch an blog-attack on a workmate.


You are the person in the café that I do not have time to visit on my way to work. You blog too, and we pass each other knowing smiles as we huddle over our notebooks and cappuccino.


You have walked along the same beach as the one in “day 6 on the island” https://minor6th.wordpress.com/2014/09/26/on-the-island-day-6-toll-to-toll/. You already knew that the arrangement of pebbles was called a berm.


You have the same sense of humour as me and you laugh at my references to cows and broccoli.


You sometimes reply to my posts, and frequently like them.


I read your blog and I am in awe of your inner strength.


You don’t mind that I am not given to writing long posts. You too appreciate that sometimes there isn’t much so say. Sometimes a picture will do. And if I haven’t written for several weeks, you are still out there, waiting.


You are my father. Long gone but never forgotten. Stolen from this world before the technology that you loved so much really became interesting. How you would have loved the gadgets available to us now. How much fun we could have had together.


Stay with me …


… until the next time we meet.



Tag! You’re it!

Blogging 101, Assignment 2, Title and Tag Line

I have to admit that I read today’s assignment with some relief and satisfaction because, like the smug kid in class that I was, I’d done my homework and read the next chapter just in case.

I’m not saying that my title and tag are perfect, but they represent me.

Music is very important to me, and the minor 6th can be a chord or interval. It is bittersweet. Bitter because of the minor element. Sad songs are usually written in a minor key, unless the composer is really trying to fool you or themselves.

The 6th lifts it and pulls it towards the major.

Most importantly, if you turn a minor 6th upside down, you get a major third. The basis of sweet happy harmonies.

I also like the alternative name of Min or Min6, the latter being a bit like Ming. But merciless or merciful? It all depends how I am feeling.

I will muse today about how to expand the tagline. I like its brevity, but does that close the door rather than asking you to open it?


More later



Why Am I Here? To Find Out?

Blogging 101, Assignment 1, Introduction

What I’m looking for here is, ironically, difficult to put into words.

Hello, I’m Min and I have a problem. How to introduce myself.

In conventional terms I am a late forties, semi professional married woman. I have a cat (no children). I like the usual things:

  • music (fairly eclectic tastes, recently listening to Sibelius, Foo Fighters, Bjork, Brian Eno and 80s pop);
  • food (especially fish at the moment);
  • gardening (or so  tell myself, but the garden is currently a state, and I don’t mean Kansas);
  • geocaching (especially in spring and autumn);
  • wine (enough said).

Why am I here and doing this?

I guess primarily to express myself in a manner that someone, anyone, might enjoy or at least relate to. It’s definitely a form of therapy, and I expect that I will be ranting a few times.

It will give me an opportunity to express what the rules of society do not permit me to say to someone’s face.

But there will be joy and photos and silly stuff too. My life’s semi-rich tapestry hung up for all to see. And because nobody out there really know me. I don’t have to face you in the office tomorrow and explain my bad behaviour.

And I just want to leave something that I have created “out there”. I used to be in a band who mainly did covers, but we experimented and started to write our own stuff. This is where we fell apart. I didn’t like the sugar sweet input of some of the others and they found my stuff too bleak. It might sound arrogant, but I just believe my own work was better. So perhaps some lyrics will feature.

What topics will I cover? No restrictions. but probably mostly from the list of likes above.

And I hope that being here will introduce me to like minded individuals. There seem to be precious few about in my day to day existence (apart from my much beloved).

Anyway, I’ve been rambling, you’ve been kind enough to “listen”, and if I don’t stop now I’ll make myself late for work.

More later


blogging101 : A new beginning?

Have signed up for blogging101 and I am currently waiting for the first assignment.

 Looking at some of the other participants entries, I felt admiration, welcomed, kinship and relief that there are many out there who, like me, are looking for inspiration and guidance to get re-started.

I have to confess that I feel a mixture of excitement and resignation. What new tricks will I learn? Will I manage to fit it into my day? What on earth do I have to say that anyone else would want to read?

One thing I do know, it’s time to revisit my theme. So it’s time for a little background research – deliberate pun there, sorry!

More later.